The roof protects us from poor or harsh conditions that may occur outside our houses or businesses. Whether it's the rain or the dry, hot rays of the sun, our roofs provide us shelter against it. Generally, most of the people take regular care of their roofs. However, sometimes we never take the time to inspect what's really going on with our roof which is really important considering the many issues that pertain from the irregular maintenance of our roofs.

Active Roofing is doing a great job with cleaning the roofs all over Sydney. As an experienced company in the roofing industry, we provide you the various solutions for cleaning and maintaining your roof. The best way to make your roof stay looking great and in perfect condition is with High Pressure Cleaning. This will keep your roof looking rejuvenated and increase the durability of your roof.

Why is it so important to clean your roof?

Many problems occur when ignoring the regular maintenance of your roof and this can lead to some serious consequences. Moss, lichen growth and wear and tear patches on the roof are some of the issues that may occur, however, lack of upkeep may obstruct the water-flow by absorbing rather than letting it drain away.

The presence of Moss and debris on the roof affects the appearance of the roof, making it look unpleasant and unappealing, but it can also cause problems like gutter and downpipe blockage. These blockages can lead to further issues like stress on the roof because of the additional weight, leakage and cracks. Moreover, a roof covered with leaves and other debris may cause hazards such as fire and internal damage to your home or business. High Pressure Cleaning is usually recommended to dispose of these hazardous matters.

Roof Cleaning Method

Roof cleaning is a tedious and specialized job that needs experience and expertise. We don't have the same process of cleaning, tools, and methods for all kind of roofs. High-pressure cleansing techniques are appropriate for roofs manufactured from clay, concrete tiles, slates, asbestos or steel roofing sheets.

Our qualified and professional team are always prepared on how to handle the different shapes and types of roofs all over Sydney to achieve the best results. After inspecting the roof and discerning the factors, we then a find the best solution to best suit your roof. The difference in type of roof, the age of the roof, and the material used all factor into the final decision the give our customer the highest quality outcome.

Our expert and professional team have the knowledge to achieve the best results for our customers.

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