Is your roof old and worn and needs to be replaced? Active Roofing is here to make that happen.

There are several things that need to be noticed about your roof. Cracked, broken or chipped roof tiles, algae & dark stains, rust to your metal roof and much more.

If you notice these imperfections to your roof, then you should really get serious about replacing your roof. Whether your roof is suffering from leakage, or it has missing or loose roof tiles, or if your metal roofing is no longer withstanding the tough environment of the Australian weather, you can rely upon Active Roofing to deliver the best services on the market that will provide the right solution that can meet your problems.

Active Roofing is one of the best leading roofing companies in the industry, and we always aim to deliver the best quality services throughout Sydney. Our great team of professionals have the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions regarding roof replacement.

If you are seeking a complete roof replacement, we guarantee you that Active Roofing uses the highest quality products and tools within the industry manufactured to last and give you the desired roof you have been dreaming about.

Experience the affordability, reliability and fast services of Active Roofing.

Active Roofing is a leader in this competitive field of roof replacement, with viable rates and reliable services throughout Sydney. We respect your time, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You will not be disappointed, so give us a call today.

Replace your roof and add a touch of elegance and design, and strengthen the shelter of your home.

Active Roofing is going to help you to bring the touch of elegance and durability to your roof by providing the following services:
  • Complete replacement roof tiles/metal roof
  • Replace Sarking/Flashing
  • Clean out Gutters
  • Re-point and Re-bed
  • Replace old roof Valleys and gables
  • Installing new roof battens, screws etc.
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Removing all rubbish
  • 10 year warranty

Call Active Roofing today and we will help you transform your roof to best suit your property.

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