You cannot ignore what a roof does for you as it provides important shelter to keep you away from a harsh weather conditions and other hazards. It's the most important part of the home or building which is exposed outside to keep you protected inside your home or business. But still, people make mistakes by neglecting to maintain it. Such carelessness and negligence of the roof in houses and businesses may lead to the eventual deterioration and damage to your roof.

As a result of such poor maintenance, a roof requires repair or replacement. However, regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your roof.

Repair your roof with the highest quality products in the market at competitive prices.

The market is always abundant with a lot of competitors selling their services differently. But we, Active Roofing, are offering our services at competitive rates. And this makes us one of the leaders in the competitive field of roof restoration.

Roof repairing needs expert and knowledgeable trades people and, at Active Roofing, we provide some of the best quality work in the industry.

It's very important to keep in mind that any delay in the repairing work could lead to some serious damage to your home or business.

We offer various roof repairing services across Sydney, so call us today and book a free quote and inspection.

Metal/Colorbond Roof Repair

Two decades in the roofing industry has provided us with valued experience, skills, and expertise in metal/Colorbond Roofs. Our immense knowledge of metal/colorbond roofing helps us to determine the best solutions to keep your roof in pristine condition. We make sure that your roof stays in better condition for longer.

Tile Roof Repair Sydney

Overtime, the tiles on your roof will decline against the harsh Australian weather. We, at Active Roofing, will make sure your roof stays strong and resilient and looking immaculate. Once the job is complete, we then offer regular maintenance services to our clients whenever they request it. This will keep your roof in great condition and increase its longevity.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency repairs can happen at any given time, they can occur either during the day or at night. In these situations, we are available 24/7. We have an expert and professional team to provide you with quick and safe solutions to cover your problem if an emergency occurs. Once we provide a temporary Make Safe, we will then re-evaluate the problem and repair it and restore it as it was before in no time at all.

Ridge Capping

The edges and corners of the roof are the places in which you can spot the first indication of problems. If left unattended, this will lead to further damage. As time passes, the materials retaining the tiles and ridges collectively might weaken, resulting in cracks and breaks. If it begins to come apart, then you have serious issues. We provide many services to prevent such matters from occurring; this includes re-pointing and re-bedding.

Don't ignore these problems, make a call and we will be there at your place in no time.