Does your roof appear dull and in need of a make-over? Active Roofing is going to turn your boring, dull roof into an ideal roof to compliment your home or business.

Does the color of your roof look significantly discolored, dwindled or patchy? Or are you just uninterested with your vintage roof shade and trying to add a new coat of paint to your roof? Whatever it is that you require, Active Roofing provide expert roof painting services across Sydney and we are just one call away to give you our professional services.

A fresh coat of paint can increase the look and feel of your house or business in many ways;

  • It provides to the cultured cost of your house or business.
  • It keeps you safe from the outside grating climate conditions.
  • A well-painted roof stops the growth of algae and lichens that could be detriment to your roof.
  • Water lines and pipework
  • And in the end, along with beauty, it increases the cost value of your house.

The outside weather conditions may contribute and affect the lifespan of your roof. If you ignore the maintenance of your roof you may leave too late and, consequently, have no other choice but to replace it. However, getting into a panic about it won't help you. Active Roofing knows how to deal with your problem and solve it.

It's better to make sure that we go through a few steps before you start painting your roof.
  • First, we will have to inspect your roof for the detection of broken or loose tiles on your roof, and if there are any missing screws and damage to your metal roof.
  • In case of any loosening or broken tiles, we will have to repair the damages to avoid any leakage and dislodgements before we begin the process of painting your roof. A similar inspection with Metal Roofs also applies.
  • We will clean the roof for the removal of dirt, mold and grimes with high-pressure cleaning.

Experience the reliable, affordable and amazing services from Active Roofing

We have the reputation of highly-skilled and expert experience in the roofing industry. We provide affordable roof painting services across Sydney with great solutions for our clients. We respect your time and property so we always make sure that we keep our word to provide the best service available.

We have some of best and reliable trades people in the business to provide you with the professional, certified and guaranteed workmanship in Sydney.

Terracotta Tile Roof Painting

Terracotta tiles are made of clay, a material that can result in attachment of moss and lichen very quickly. Such conditions may lead to the decrease in shine and robbing it of its luster and perfection.

For this reason, we have the top and highly skilled trades people that will provide high-quality tools and services to guarantee customer satisfaction. We will make sure the protection and lifespan of your roof withstands the sometimes harsh surroundings of the weather with a 10 year warranty.

Concrete Tile Roof Painting

Concrete roof tiles are extremely long lasting and are designed to resist intense weather conditions. But being exceptionally prone to cracks and breaks, concrete tiles need consistent checks to keep it in pristine order. A coat of paint helps keep it looking elegant and exceptional when viewing the roof from the road.

Our technicians are skilled and understand the best suited paint for your Concrete Tile Roof and restore the faults to the roof before any expensive replacement is needed.

Metal Roof/Color Bond Roof Painting

Metal Roofs/Colorbond Roofs are more resilient to the harsh conditions, like excessive winds and rainwater, which slide right off. However, Metal roofing/Colorbond roofing may additionally want a clean coat of paint after a few years. We use the highest quality products and equipment to revive the dull and weathered look of your Metal/Colorbond Roof.